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Villa Kamali Saint-Tropez

The turbulent daughter of the sea. This was how 19th-century writer Guy de Maupassant described Saint-Tropez. There, next to a nature reserve and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the majestic Esterel mountains in the distance, and the famous ochre-toned village below, stands a magnificent hilltop villa like a jewel in a verdant crown.


Though the original architecture of the three-storeyed house remains untouched, Stéphanie’s stroke of genius was to overhaul the interior layout and thus redefine the space. Large bay windows have been added to every room, flooding them with light and ushering nature into the home.


The entrance has been opened up, framing the view of the village like a living painting. Stéphanie Coutas reorganized the upstairs master bedroom, prolonging its office with a terrace. The suite’s cushions embroidered with Tulsi beads are teamed with contemporary Berber rugs for a bold and sophisticated mix of styles. The bathroom opens onto the glorious countryside, and is built in ocean-blue travertine and bamboo to accentuate the harmonious coexistence of the floral and mineral worlds. The lower level was converted into a home cinema, a fitness room, a massage area, and independent guest rooms, each with their own bathroom. For a finishing touch of French art de vivre, the house features a wine cellar and adjoined tasting area. The perfect holiday home in which to enjoy warm moments of togetherness.


The décor is imbued with “bohemian couture and ethnic chic”, steeping the villa in a light, summery atmosphere that contrasts with the rattan, raffia, and monumental sculpted wood wall panel by Etienne Moyat that conceals a door.


Stéphanie Coutas has completely restructured the exterior areas around a pool house with a fully equipped kitchen, recreating large, connected terraces that lead to the garden and the infinity pool with a sweeping view of the Saint-Tropez bay and village. Pure tranquility.

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